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Newest Music list not updating properly

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  • Newest Music list not updating properly

    As the title says, my new music list doesn't seem to get updated properly.
    I have some of the "newer songs" I put before, but when I add new files to the media folder, it seems like it's not replacing them in the list (in only replaces the last few on the list and seems to be keeping the older ones in it, without taking them out)

    I've tried to delete and rebuild the database, but that did not seem to have any effect on the list itself. I keep on having the same problem.
    Any way to fix this?

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    The new music filter shows the top [N] songs with the newest timestamps. For example if you're adding 5 files, if they have newer timestamps than the others in the list these should displace 5 files with the oldest timestamps. You can adjust the number of songs [N] shown in this list in settings>appearance.

    This is probably not the way some of you would expect this to work, but showing the songs most recently added to the database would require us to keep a historical copy of the database to compare against. This would severly slow down database builds, so we decided against it and to just rebuild a fresh database every time changes are found.
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      I'm assuming that the timestamp is based on the date of creation of the files on the current system. correct me if I'm wrong.
      This seemed to work before when I added new files, the would replace the oldest ones in the list.

      I don't have an issue with the way the new files filter works, it worked fine for me for a while, but the thing is that I added about a 100 new files to the media directory and it only seems to replace the 5 last ones on the newest list with some of the new files I added, instead of displaying all the new files that have been added (that I would assume will have a newer timestamp than the ones already present in there).

      In simpler words, the older files do not seem to be put out of the list aside from the last five (say 95 to 100) which are replaced by some of those I added.