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Using this very cool touchpad to control ME

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  • Using this very cool touchpad to control ME

    Hi guys,
    just saw this really slick touchpad in the input section and wondered if there's a way to use it to control ME. Maybe using the scroll function for volume, up/down movements to move up/down the selection and left/right click for enter/exit.
    Would that be possible you think?

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    Cool idea, I like. There shoud not be any programing thou, its just a mouse, and comtroling funtions in the software with the mouse are already there if im not mistaken.
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      Quite good eh? I was thinking of sticking it on my steering wheel and use it as i would with a steering wheel remote

      I know ME gives you the chance of using the scrolling function for volume/scrolling but how do i configure right click to exit to the main screen? Also, ho can i have mouse movements programmed to act as the arrow keys on the keyboard? Would be really cool.
      Many thanks


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        The scrolling thing should not be an issue, but as of now MediaEngine doesn't employ any type of Gesture recognition... Maybe an external program can emulate it for you.
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          I have been using one for years.
          Its great for precision movements to small for the LCD touch...
          I cant find any pics at the moment, but I have mounted it in a Honda Civic just above the e-brake / center console / arm rest, and also in a CRV
          The crv mounting had to be a bit more creative - I bolted a slide rail under the center console tray, and used high power magnets to hold the touch pad to the rail - its easy to remove if I ever "fold down" the center tray (if you own a CRV, it probably makes a lot more sense.
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