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ME on 8" Touch Screen?

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  • ME on 8" Touch Screen?

    Hi all, I'm considering a project involving use of a touch screen monitor and have been wondering about the ease of use. I'm looking at an 8" , 4:3 screen (I'd like a 10" but they cost a lot more), built into a piece of furniture to go in a lounge or whereever.

    I want to use Media Engine for accessing my music collection and but have a few doubts about how easy it'd be to control with a screen which is not really very big. I thought this would be the palce to ask as I know people often use 7" widescreen monitors with this software and wondered how they have got on with them (I intend to use the default skin)???

    Is it easy to use or fiddly? Would I be better for saving for longer and waitiing until I can afford a 10" screen???


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    I've installed a couple of car computer systems for my friends and they used the lilliput "widescreen" style monitor (its pretty tiny compared to my goliath 10.4" in my dash) and they never said one thing about it being hard to use. The Touchscreen Buttons are pretty well sized (about 15mm x 15mm) on a screen that small so you can touch em ok... You can also space out the song titles if you like.

    Make sure u run it on 640x480 though. Any smaller and you'll need a microscope to read windows text.
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