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Problem with ME and Map Monkey

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  • Problem with ME and Map Monkey

    I am having a problem with the shutdown process when running ME and Map Monkey......when I shut off my car and map monkey is running (as the embedded GPS application) the shut down process will hang (controlled by opus p/s).

    If I run ME and Map Monkey and return to the Home screen in ME and click shutdown it will shut down ok.

    If I am not running Map Monkey it will shut down fine when controlled by the opus.

    Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem, and if so, have you found a solution?

    Also...Thanks for the great frontend!! I have tried all the others and ME is the BEST!!!...been using for about 18 months and except for my shutdown problem all has been working well

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    I also have the same problem, have been using it for 12 months now and the shutdown problem is the only thing wrong with it. I can't find a way round it. Would be useful if someone could offer something to solve this problem.


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      When I get freed up with work I'll have a look at it and see if there's some issue happening during a shutdown that could hang things up.
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        That would be excellent thanks.


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          Thank You!!

          BTW I think this is more of a problem with map monkey....I searched their forum and found a couple of other users with the same problem, but no-one came up with any resolution.....


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            I resolved this problem some time ago. Think I used some app loader to load Mapmonkey into ME. Now everything works ok and I'm very pleased with this fine frontend! If I only could get the Destinator 6 maps to work somehow....

            I will see if I can find what I did to make it work.


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                Adding this to your registry will probably help:

                Forces shutdown of apps. MS programs have an annoying tendency to do this.
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                  thanks for reg file, i also had this prob. have not tested it yet tho.
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                    I tried the Reg file, but still have the same problem


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                      I have the same problem....

                      Mine does the same.... so i got into a habbit of exitind from map monkey before i turn the car off....