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  • Thankyou post!!!

    I just thought it would be nice from us to show are appreciation towards the developers of one of the leading in-car softwares around. It must be damn hard to keep updating the software+answering to all of our questions while leading a normal family life ;-) You could have easily made a few bucks out of it but still decided to keep it free. So thankyou very much PhatBastard+Carcomp for the excellent work, you got a very happy user back here in italy!!!

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      Yes, mediaengine is like a comfortable pair of jeans. I keep coming back, even after spending $$ on streetdeck.


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        very good software
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          Get MediaEngine !!!
          Media Engine Download


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            Played around with it since summer '05 but just recently have been using it extensively in my car for the past 2 months and almost everytime I use it amazes me to the amount of work and functionality that went into this prog.

            Tried Streetdeck but it has an almost take it all or nothing interface, barely anything is customizable. ME on the other hand gives everybody the oppertunity to custimize it to their liking.

            I just can't wait till the next release comes out. Thanks a bunch Phat & CarComp, keep up the great work.
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              I tried out all of the major FE's at home before I settled on one. I chose mediaengine because I found that it worked the best right out of the box for a computer noob such as myself. RR is nice and all, but unless you know a little about programming, its kind of tough to use. Keep up the good work!!!