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    Im am trying to find out if there is ways of interfacing to ME by software. Obvously commands such as Fwd, Play, Pause, etc can be obtained through IRcontrols / Keyboard controls and current playlist information can be obtained from Winamp, but is there anyway of doing this via marco/software calls.

    The system i am working on needs more information - such as "albums/folders" avalible, "playlists" avalible which as I see it would only be avalible directly from ME.

    If not - does anyone know how to get data from Winamp to a VB2005/ application?

    Thanx in advance!

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    I'm guessing since ME makes a database of songs, you should be able to just open the database file and use it for whatever.

    On integrating with winamp, There's a full VB6 module RR's sources you can look up how to talk to winamp -- it's all SendMessage API based so it should be ok to translate it to .net
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