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fm does have sound

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  • fm does have sound

    When i try to llisten to the radio is doesn't play any sound. It works with the regualar d-link software and it looks like it's playing in ME because the time is going. I've tryed changing different audio controls and such but nothing seems to make a difference. Any thoughts?

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    The only thing I can think of is to be sure you have the correct input selected in the ME configuration screen.


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      I selected Mic In and Line In and had them correctly configured too.. hm.
      This is just on a desktop pc so maybe some setting somewhere will be different in the car. I don't know.


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        Another thing...make sure you have the d-link enabled in ME (I think it is under the xm/radio tab) You have to check the box for the d-link tuner.
        You could also check your system's volume control and make sure the input is not muted.
        You may also want to check the hardware listed in your systems Device Manager to make see it is listed and has the proper driver installed.
        I use the same tuner and it works fine for me in Media Engine.
        Hope that helps!


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          everything is selected in ME and the radio works fine with the d-link software. Nothing is muted anywhere. I'm at a loss here. I have no idea what's going on with it. Like I said tho, this is just a pc that i'm screwing around with so perhaps it will work on my carpc (that i'm still working on).
          Any other thoughts?