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loading / reacting time of media engine

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  • loading / reacting time of media engine

    I just downloaded MediaEngine and run it over a 1.8 xeon dual processor, 1GB RAM, SCSI Harddrive. Now, I'm new to this but why does it take the application so long to respond? I have no other application running, even set the main function of MediaEngine correct.

    It can't be my RAM, my processor or even my harddrive (the harddrive is SCSI and its even faster then a normal ATA HardDrive/or a SATA HardDrive). My hardware is set correct!

    It takes quiet a bit to change from one screen to another. I'm used to click and it goes straight to the next. so is it the application itsself? IF, then what other application would you suggest???

    Thanks guys

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    It's certainly not a power issue, my set up is a Via 10k so the cpu is 1ghz and i'm on 512 ram and a standard 2.5" lappy hard drive.

    Works fine for me, nice and nippy
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      Yea, I'd check you configuration. I'm on 1.5 ghz with 250 ram and a 100gb 2.5 hard drive. There is NO lag, and I'm on a touchscreen.
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        Its not going to be instantaneous. Theres a lot more going on in there than you would think when you change screens. Normal "lag" would be 1-2 seconds from the Browse Playlists to the Play Music screen.
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