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DVD sound not working...

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  • DVD sound not working...

    I have come across 2 issues with Media Engine:

    1. When attempting to play a DIVX movie I am prompted to install a windows media audio codec... now my question is this... am I installing the codec into windows media player or with win amp? I have attempted to run the movie with both media players without Media Engine and I am able to watch and listen to the movie with no problem at all... but every time I go to watch this movie it keeps asking me if I want to install or not install the Codec... I press "Install" but it never does, ever single time I attempt to watch the movie it asks the samething but goes no where then it finally plays the movie but with NO SOUND. I go and switch back to the mp3 player side of the application and the sound works fine so this makes me think that possibly the lack of this Audio Codec not being installed isn't allowing me to listen to the movie or maybe the movie is muted?!

    2. When I'm listening to mp3's and maximizing the visualization aspect of the program it will work then when i minimize and go back the program will just go back to minimize and seems to run an additional instance of win amp.. I have uninstalled and reinstalled win amp because I thought possibly my win amp was corrupted but this didnt resolve the issue and win amp works fine with visualizations with out Media Engine.

    Great software but it seems there are bugs that were possibly over looked? If someone can guide me in the right direction I would very much appreciate any assistance. Yes I did a search and read the documentation but it didn't provide a resolution to my issues.