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IG3 and ME - one fix here!

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  • IG3 and ME - one fix here!

    I have been working with Mitch on a fix for a few of the problems with IG3 and Media Engine, I am sending him a copy so he can personally mess with it... But he did manage to fix a major problem I was having in the mean time.

    My issue was that ME would enter an endless loop of looking for the OK in the warning window, therefore ME would say LOADING forever even though IG3 had already opened in its own window... So in order to get ME to open the GPS skin Mitch removed the simulated mouse click which worked great for me!

    I believe he is also working on entering the "nowarning" parameter into the link to IG3 so that the warning no longer displays at all, but we'll see what he comes up with when he gets his copy up and running!


    I just commented the section out that does the mouse click. See if that does any good. I am using iGuidance (have been for awhile now) and I love it. I am very excited about the new version you have given me.

    Mitch (CarComp)"
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    I am implementing a feature into the MediaEngine Setup\GPS tab so that you can specify launch parameters (like nowarning). That should completely take care of the whole issue.
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      Sounds good!

      It's completely usable [for me] now that the simulated mouse click is disabled.
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