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Beta Test 1.6.9 Available

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  • Beta Test 1.6.9 Available

    You know what Beta means... hehe let me know of any bugs / problems in here. Also let me know if it works good!

    Download Media Engine 1.6.9 Beta
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    Excellent! Impressive progress as always.

    Some issues:

    1. The doubleclick on the main menu doesn't work. Only the enter button activates it. Hopefully it will be single click soon.

    2. Really a personal preference, but when removing items from the main menu, the remaining menu items are justified vertically. I'd like to see them keep a tighter spacing and be centered on the page as a group.

    Removing the crosshatch works like a charm....maybe an option to remove the borders, too?


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      I have had the same problems with the main menu as az1324. The ability to customise the interface a little to suit personal preference is excellent. I personally didn't like the crosshatch on the play window.

      Suggestion: IMHO... Instead of having a seperate part of the program to view playlists etc, wouldn't it be better to combine it in the play music page? That way you could view/edit playlists and play them from a single point.

      Keep up the good work.
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        perhaps i did not look enough but is there away to get it to load up a my mp3 directorys and play them ? <as in winamp> or do i hafta keepgoing back and choosing another directory when i want to listen to a diffrent section of music
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          When changing colors... changing global colors also affects the main menu colors ( I realize this is the purpose of global colors) but why then have an option to change main menu colors? I like the option. That and the points above are all I've noticed. I'll sure as hell be using this software. Eat your heart out GNet Canada!


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            One more thing. I see you got the album cover art folder.jpg thing sorted out, but when I start a new playlist from the main menu (upon startup of whatever) I will then get the album cover art displayed in the upper right hand corner of the player. BUT! When immediatley resuming a playlist (immediatley selecting play music upon startup), I get the default mp3 icon.

            The media player could use a pause and fast forward. I like many others have a colloection of divx movies. it would be hell if I was going to watch one and for some reason had to turn off the computer and when I decided to start it back I had to watch 45 minutes of what I just saw to get back to the position I was @.

            Just a thought.

            ... but anyways 1.6.9 deserved a new skin. Has everyone seen The Ring?


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              What I've always wanted to see in an app (and man I've tried to find the time to figure one out for myself to no avail) is the ability to navigate your folders and have a way to work similar to if you were in a standard windows explorer screen and right clicked.. a button to press that would be equivalent to "enqueue in winamp" and a second button equivalent to "play in winamp"

              My directory structure is genre->band->album

              for instance i may want to load punk, celtic, and trance.. I'd merely hit the "enqueue" button on each.. or I may decide I want to scrap what I'm playing so I can listen to my favorite band so I navi to that folder and just hit the "play" button.

              This is some great software... I was designing some stuff for my car.. but I think I'll be using this now!

              I also have a TVPC project I'm working on... I may just adapt this to suit my needs there as well

              Good job guys.
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