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Media Engine goes wireless!

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  • Media Engine goes wireless!

    Well, development has been slow here during the holiday season, but expect it to pick back up soon. A new addition has been implemented by AZ1324... D-Link USB radio support. I will get some screenshots up soon so keep an eye out. Also, the video playing section may be getting an upgrade soon.

    Another thing.. I may start distributing media engine in two forms... A complete Installshield distribution, and updated mediaengine.exe files. This will allow you to keep your current installation (to avoid problems associated with add/remove programs), and also keep download file size to a minimum. Don't forget though... If Media Engine ever causes a problem, or errors, just delete all of the .ini files from the c:\MediaEngine directory. That will tell Media Engine that it needs to build all new ones, and set them to default.


    Fixing bug where clock's/timers blink.
    D-Link Radio Support added
    Adjusted spacing on Main Menu to accomodate different monitor resolutions.
    Refined how Media Engine deals with "user created skins"
    Working on a less "Visual Basic" looking interface that uses more images instead of VB controls.
    Working on making Media Engine give more feedback about what its doing...

    As for that, all your help is appreciated. Source code is free, just email me. I have sent out quite a few copies, but only one response. But at least people have been showing a great interest.

    Get MediaEngine !!!
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    I have to say, I completely dig the software and am sure I speak for a lot of people when I say thanks for doing it.