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  • Skins.

    Media Engine now has a TRUE functioning skin system. All you have to do is use the skin builder software. Its sort of a replacement for the "settings" functions of fonts / colors / images, but it allows you to quickly change things, and still be able to revert back to the things you like.

    Skins consist of a .skn file (which is just a text file) that contains the information about the skin.

    They also contain a directory of images. It works pretty well.

    I will have it done by the end of the week or so.


    MAJOR changes to the control system. Media Engine now has "pop-up" menus that allow you to navigate to any part of the program from any other part of the program. This new system removes Media Engine "linearity" style of control. So far, this is just a touchscreen/mouse system, but will include IR soon enough.

    Courtesy of AZ1324

    Get MediaEngine !!!
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    Can't wait......

    I really, really like your software, i use it since one week for my mp3 setup, not in my car but in my livingroom.
    For now i use it most as an state of the art mp3 player, but playing movies did also cross my mind.
    Since i've got limited power reserves on my computer, based on a VIA Epia C3-800 it would be handy if i could use the fastest codecs i could find for DirectShow, in that way it will be possible to play avi's as well. But if i'm not mistaken your movie player is based on VFW and not on DirectShow.
    Furthermore it would be great if navigation in further releases is still possible by keyboard, in that way i will be able to continue using my infrared keyboard. The infrared codes will be programmed in my RC-3200 computer programmable remote controller, for easy navigation.

    I'm looking forward to see your latest release and hope it will please me as much as your other release (build 169).