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creative pc-dvd controler vs media engine

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  • creative pc-dvd controler vs media engine

    okay now i hope this is the rigtht forum to write in. today i got the creative pc-dvd contoler but after 5 hours now i just cant make i work proberly with media engine. when i try to assaign a action button like forward, vol up/down play and all the rest the controler makes them the same frequenze or what ever itīs name is. so there are only like 3 frequenzy to all the action buttons, does anyone know some answars on this issue. I am just so tired now and i canīt find any soloutions at all :-(

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    First thing...


    There are plenty of threads that discuss this topic.

    Second thing...

    One word...Girder
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      sorry about that but i have searched all the forums more than once and i have read them all. i am new with girder and i just cant make it work it just saying waiting for ir signal...


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        Are you using the external/serial port reciever?

        If not, that is the reason why you only see one freq.

        I tried using a smaller IR receivcer I had laying around and I got the same thing, one freq.

        Use the one that came with the remote.

        P.S. I did get your PM. Just give me a little time to get home and see exactly what I have set up on my carputer...
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          thank you for you time !
          the strangest thing just happend, now it works. I did nothing different but now it works now the frequenz are different. thank god i had almost broke the damn thing

          Now the problem is just the speed of wich you turn the volume up and down ! it goes damn slow, i am not using girder becuase it works good in media player with the build in cimr-100.
          does anyone no some answar for the volume speed ?


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            The volume speed has to do with the speed that the creative remote repeats it's packets when a button is held down. In a nutshell, you can't speed it up much but you might try tweaking the repeat speed. It varies from PC to PC but I like the repeat speed to be around 200 and the repeat delay around 800.

            As for your difficulties setting up the remote initially, one thing I've experienced is noise. These receivers are extremely sensitive to induced noise so make sure you route your serial cable away from things like your inverter and your ac lines.
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