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UpComing Build 1.7.2 Screenshots

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  • UpComing Build 1.7.2 Screenshots

    Well? What do you think.

    I will be releasing this soon. There is a beta, but it is buggy as hell and I suggest NOT using it yet.


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    Looks great

    Great background.
    Can't wait to get my touchscreen and work with this.
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      Looking good, MediaEngine has come a long way since I last looked here. Im considering using it after having a play around with the 1.7.2 beta. I think its missing just one killer feature: A search option. I like to be able to enter a name and have a playlist build for all songs with matching title or artist. Keep up the good work.
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        I'm working on that feature. I intend to implement it along with ID3v2 tags. You will be able to add all of a genre, artist, or album. But school has started back up and i still have to get my install finished so it might be a little while.


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          Also what might be nice is ability for you to put ".lnk" files so that you could have links to different directories inside a directory.

          If i didnt make myself clear, you could have all of your albums sorted by artist and album. Then have a directory called "Tommy's Favorites" and instead of copying all the fies that you want in there, you could rather put links that media engine would pick them up. Dont know how this would be possible. I guess I want it to function kind of like playlists... but anyway, just an idea.
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            uirt2 support! and the ability to add custom extensions to the main menu.... like 'gps' etc etc etc