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  • still open source?

    This project is really cool although I was wondering if it was still open source? I'd like to help with it's devlopment (I have the time, I need a new project to work on every month in my high school programming class every month). I can program VB very well (although I have never done much with sound ) Maybe I could add some sort of internet/on-line features (e-mail, browser, instant messanger, etc). Atually now that I think about it, I think I might try making an aol instant messenger compatiable program or plugin that uses voice commands and reads text back to you. Cool .....dreaming...wishing I was that talented.....dreaming.... **WAKE UP JESTER** Oh yeah, anyways that IM thing might be a little impracticle (and incredibly hard to program, for me anyways). So back to my main point, if it's still open source I would like to have a copy of it, see what things I could do. I'd like to pretty much phase out the external program option (except for computer diagnostics) and have everything built into ME.

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    If you can try to figure out whats up the the ID3v2 tags. I always get all wacked out names for my songs.

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      go to the website and fill out the email form and request the source.
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        hijinks21 go to the website and fill out the email form and request the source.
        ok, I'll try that.