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CIMR100 Creative Remote Problems

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  • CIMR100 Creative Remote Problems

    I have a problem. I just hooked up my creative remote to my computer and some of the keys are not acting differently that the other keys. For instance several keys will act as the enter button even though i set them up as directional buttons. Any ideas?

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    what software are you using to control the reciever
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      Actually, I was just using the features of media engine. I installed the remote drivers, but then just was using media engine.


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          Well I installed the creative software for the remote. I assumed it installed some drivers. Maybe I am wrong. But I did notice that another fellow had a problem with running girder while running media engine so I made sure that the creative remote utility isn't loaded while I am using media engine to avoid conflicts.


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            I run my CIMR100 Creative Remote through a Belkin Serial to USB converter and it works with the Creative software it came with fine.

            I tried to use it with Media Engine but it doesn't work well with it. The remote just mutes and unmutes the player.

            So what I did is install WinAmp 2.xx and then set that as the program that the Creative Remote Software controls.
            When MediaEngine runs it uses WinAmp 2.xx I think, and therefore the remote can change songs etc...
            I haven't tested it lately but that's how I got around it for a while.
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