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  • me vb source code


    ME rox and i want to help with programming. i cant seem to get hold of you, how do i download the source?


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    either join us on #mp3car on efnet or fill out the email form on the media engine page
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      I wan to help, but when I wrote an e-mail asking for the source, I got no response


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        Im interested in helping as much as I can
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          I also requested the code, and got no response.. =x


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            Hey guys --

            Please wait about a week or so because some major changes are going to be instituted and a brand new source released. We wouldn't want you to work off of the old one because it would just cause problems trying to incorporate the changes into the new one. So please just wait until version 178 comes out and then we'll make sure to get the source to everyone who wants it. Thanks.


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              if you could get me a copy too that'd be great

              squash at freakscene dot net


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                If you could please, send me a copy of the source.... I might be able to help you all out.

                I couldn't load the M E webpage. IT's down?


                djbuss att 3lefties dott com

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                  yes the website was down. To all that want the source code, I'd say the best thing to do if you are interested in helping out is join us in the IRC chatroom

                  server: efnet a good server is
                  channel: #mp3car

                  The problem with releasing the code to 30 people is you get a whole bunch of different versions out there. Ahh.. so thats the best place to help out. come join us.. most of the ME team is in there.
                  '98 Explorer Sport
         (down atm)
                  AMD 800mhz 192megs RAM 60gig hard drive 9 inch widescreen VGA
                  80% done


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                    Sorry bout not answering you guys. I have had a very busy month what with all this crap going on right now. High security networks and what not.

                    For now the best idea for obtaining the code is to go to the chatroom. If you don't have mIRC then go to


                    You can click on communication and then mp3car chat.

                    If you show your interest, someone in there will definately give you the link to the source. hijinks21 is right though... If I give the source to just everyone, without first going through how we handle updates and stuff, we will end up with too many versions.

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