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  • Autosync

    I am currently working on a version of the documentaion for Media engine. I would like it if someone gave me a good description of the autosync feature.

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    pretty much you choose two dirs you want to sync up and hit update and it will update. They need to be directories on your system, so you could do that by setting up a nfs client/server or microsoft network neighborhood directory share. It'll work as long as windows sees a remote computer's directory as a local directory on the mp3car computer. So you load up ME and go into settings and click on sync or such. It doesn't do it auto. Hope that helps.
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      why is it called AUTOsync? just wondering...


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        Cause it will be automatic. There are a ton of things that we are working on right now though. There hasn't been any updates b/c we are changing the core logic of the playlists system right now.

        BTW: Do you think I could use your documentation on the website?
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          CarComp sure thing, give me about one more week and I will be done, I have incorporated screen shots into it so it is kinda big but the text only can be used if you want to save space/bandwidth. I am gonna need help on the rev list whe i get to that