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Problems getting to main screen from music screen

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  • Problems getting to main screen from music screen

    Okay (I'm going to try and explain this)... when I'm playing music and at that screen I press the little up button and the secondary menu pops up right? So I press home and it's supposed to take me back to the main menu right? Nope... sends me to the playlists every time. I have to stop, get out the KB and press esc. Is this just me?

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    what skin are you using. I just tested it with the default skin and if i clicked the icon with the home it took me back to the main menu.. also did you update you exe?
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      I didn't update the .exe but I'm using the default skin.


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        that's weird.. i've never had that problem w/any builds since 1.77D and various skins i've used
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          no biggie, I'll just uninstall and reinstall and see if the problem remains. I've just been using myHTPC latley.