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Request for MS Streets Trips usercontrol

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  • Request for MS Streets Trips usercontrol

    I am making a request:

    I would like someone to make me a Visual Basic usercontrol that has microsoft streets and trips support. Let it be configured for standard NMEA protocall over a serial port...

    Must contain...

    Map Display,
    A way to initialize it by location,
    A built in update timer
    any other needed things.

    I probably won't get around to this in this version of M.E, so if you wish to do this, by all means go for it! Don't worry about integration.. A good usercontrol should work with any app, including M.E.
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    I'd love to be able to help, but have no idea how to start...

    I have programming knowledge, I have MS Streets & Trips... what do I do next?


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      You can start with this:


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        Just what I was looking for, thanks a lot...

        Talks about Mappoint 2002, I would assume that Streets and Trips 2001 wouldn't be compatible with it then...

        Well, here's my reason to UPGRADE!


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          For anyone looking into this, here are some resources:



          On Directions:

          On GPS:

          On POI:

          Existing Software:

          Some issues to be dealt with include:
          1.) The MS map display is always North up. I'm not sure if there is something you could do to rotate the actual map window or if you could capture images and then rotate them, then display them in ME, or if you'd just have to live with North up. Then i guess you could just have an arrow pointing in the direction you are traveling... not the end of the world by any means.

          2.) The built in GPS monitoring only updates the position every 15 seconds. You have to capture the data more frequently on your own, then update the map.

          If anyone is doing or considering doing work on this, I'd be happy to discuss with you and work on it.


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            Originally posted by az1324
            You can start with this:
            Would this work with Autoroute as well since it uses the MapPoint technology? If not any ideas how to incorporate it?

            Also with a custom control how easy would it be to add voice navigation to the map - probably not very, but just wondered if anyone had any ideas.


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              Supposedly it doesn't work with Streets and Trips or Autoroute, only a mappoint install. That's what they say on the forum, anyway.

              "After you create an application with the MapPoint Control, you may want to distribute it to others. Each computer on which the application is installed must have either a full MapPoint license or a MapPoint Control run-time license; otherwise your application’s call to MapPoint will fail."

              As for the voice guidance, sure that wouldn't be too hard. The map point control generates driving directions so all you need to do is feed them to the Text to Speech engine at the appropriate time.


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                I'm currently working with carcomp on a possible addition to v2 to support mappoint 2002, with data being taken from serial port in NMEA form...
                I'm waiting on the mappoint software to start this...
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                  I for one would love to use Autoroute how ever could some one explain the diffrence to me of AR & Mappoint ? From what I have seen its more for graphs etc ...

                  I could provide a loan copy of AR for you to test with if wanted Carcomp...


                  My Project Site


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                    mappoint is aimed at the business end of the market - offers better mapping and more advanced features - such as an ActiveX control to allow you to use its maps in your own programs - ideal for integration with Media Engine - autoroute has no such ability... you can also adjust font size in mappoint which is a bonus for LCD's
                    only downside is the fact it costs 3x more
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                      Mappoint is available on Ebay usually for $100 or less if you are patient. This is much cheaper than copilot and not much to pay for a gps software solution if you ask me.