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  • 720x480 resolution

    I have a 7'' widescreen, and the only way I have been able to get the screen resolution right, (so it uses the whole screen) is with TvTools NTSC 720x480 resolution. Problem is when I open up media engine under this resolution is says, "this resolution is not supported" IS there any way arround this, or how are other users displaying their 7'' widescreens?

    I tried powerstrip, and couldnt get the custom resolutions wouldnt work at all to the LCD (s-vid out), although they did work for the primary CRT.. I'll try downloading a full version and see if that works

    thanks for the help!

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    MediaEngine uses hard coded resolutions to avoid having the screen get screwey. I may be able to code into it a widescreen version but the entire "drawing" system for all the parts of the program is designed around standard 4:3 aspect ratio. Since I don't have a widescreen monitor, its going to be difficult for me to do this.

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      Carcomp - a 800x400 would be good as well if thats what your up to...

      Checked it under windows and it looks OK on a Digitalww moniter.


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        is 800x400 supported? Or is 640x480, or 800x600 the best i can do for my widescreen?


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          Just dont change it away from 640x480, dont want to have to change my screen
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            Can't we have an option to disable the screen resolution check when the software starts?!??!
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              I get this same error, is there a fix to this yet?
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