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skin not looking good... Help?

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  • skin not looking good... Help?

    I was trying to build a skin for non car use. I posted pictures of a home unit I am working on and want to use this player. For one the graphics look good in photoshop but bad in the player. For 2 button layouts driving me crazy.

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    here is a tip, do the skin in 800x600 in photoshop. It will look a lot better. I tried doing a skin in photshop in over 800x600 and when i put it into SkinMaker it looked bad.
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      The graphic issue is more with the buttons the backround looks good.


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        well post your background and we will see if we can match some buttons up for ya


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          Heres a tip I think I have found to day - design the skin & the graphics in the same res... when testing on my PC here the background was strecthing so would never match the bit I had just cut.

          It could do with gidelines and a snapto function in the skin maker as well....

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            Hi... Here's another tip... Since ME does only support rectangular images for buttons, this is good for making buttons in different shapes...
            Design your buttons and make them with a background color *different to the colors used in the button* and then make that color transparent (i use ms photo editor for it) Then copy-paste them in to your skin's background image... so you can later cut rectangular portions of the background with the buttons on it that you can later overlay in the skin editor...