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  • External applications screen screenshot

    I decided to go with #2 on the polls b/c it will be more efficient. Let me know what you think.

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    Yes IF you could assign a number of these as a function to access them directly from the frount screen other wise its just like the GNet engine... if you do that it will be a little more usable and unique..

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      looking good .

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        can you plz have a button on the main screen which open a new screen which has program buttons, also is it possible in ME 2 to have images show and hide when a button is pressed i need this urgently to control the car's A/C


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          Originally posted by vxr666
          i need this urgently to control the car's A/C
          Hey kick down on all the infos diagrams and pics of your car PC controlling the AC
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            i am using servo and relay controllers from and i made VB progs to do the required A/C funtion eg if air circulation button is pressed the button press will execute the file which switches on the relay.


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              Looks great! Has the code been re-written for external apps??? In versiojn 1.7.7F when I try to load an external application such as PowerDVD or MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) it doesn't seem to work too well.