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  • Concepts for GPS

    AZ1324 threw these ideas out to me for GPS integration. I am not quite sure how IR / KB is going to control it, but it seems to be a good system for touchscreen.


    buttons: routing, navigate map, mute gps voice, control media engine, show detail, vol up, vol down

    buttons: move map left, .... , zoom in, zoom out, center on gps

    buttons: previous track, pause, next track, show mp3 player window (minimize gps), (artist/track display)

    automatically pop up gps driving directions when the user nears a turn.

    automatically pop up gps alerts when routing is active and user is on another part of the app.
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    I like it
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      I use GPS all the time and have so many suggestions that would make in car navigation so much more easier to use than the current software like Street Atlas 2K3 and Copilot 2K3
      build 2 features for GPS function: Locating and Navigating.
      Locating mode is used to show your position on the map and should use high contrast colors like bright backgrounds with dark color roads. The font should be adjustable so that it can be read in a composit screen. Main functions would be zoom in, zoom out, pan left, right, up, down, North point up, vehicle point up, auto rotate. Keep the vehicle in the lower center of the screen and have the map move and rotate at least once a second or maybe 1/2 second. Also show lat, long, alt, speed
      Navigating mode allows you to input a destination. Since its GPS based, it should always know your current position so there's no need to input "starting point" auto re-routing is very important. option to "keep vehicle on the road." GPS locating is not even 25% accurate. Most of the time its a few yards off the street you're on. By having this option, you can keep the dot in the monitor that represents the vehicle on the road you're on. CP has this but SA doesnt. In a turn by turn direction screen, also show the current position of how far have you traveled on the current street and how much more to go in a horozontal bar. Also show the distance til the next turn if the turn is less than 1/4 miles ahead: 1000ft,900ft,800ft,.....300ft,200ft, Right Turn Here.
      use true human speaking voice (female of course) instead of robotic voice like the copilot or street atlas.
      when GPS is guiding turns via voice, gradually mute ALL sounds such as movies, mp3s then unmute the sound gradually after the guidance. This is also important since sometimes we crank out mp3s loud and have trouble hearing GPS guidance over the music.
      Navigating mode would be much harder to do as far as programming goes. At least include the locating mode. That would be really nice to have.
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        As for the KB/IR control, I had envisioned this type of setup.

        Displayed when the remote/KB is being used to control the GPS functions (pan, zoom, routing)

        Displayed when the remote/KB is being used to control ME functions (next track, prev track, pause)

        As for switching between them, i nominate the SWMP key.

        The next turn notifications would work the same way ... pop up from the bottom of the screen. If the touchscreen buttons were not present in the media player, then the notification would just pop up from the bottom of the playlist.


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          Please remember that this is based on Microsoft Mappoint and thus is limited to the functionality built into the Mappoint control. This means no rotating maps, unfortunately.... unless someone can figure out a way to do it. Reminder: ME is freeware.

          In any case, these shots were meant to discuss the graphical implementation more than the functional implementation.


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            OMG! that is excelent...

            this project seems to be getting better by the hour! its all due to the dedicated developers who are developing ME

            good work guys!


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                Could you also look into the metric system.
                kmh and meters ?

                For the rest, this looks very good.
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                  WOW!!! I am REALLY excited now. How crap I can't wait till this comes out!!! Just an FYI to the ME Dev team...I am holding off doing anything to my Carputer till ME 2 is finnished.
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                    that touchscreen setup looks tight carcomp.. i assume you would be able to turn off the popup warnings etc?


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                      It would be nice to be able to turn on and off a locator map. A locator map displays a map at a much smaller scale. E.g. the region. This is helpful when you want to see how close you are to the next city, etc. The main window is at a scale that is suitable for identifying and understanding the locale geography/road network.

                      An alternative is to have it switch back and forth between two scales. generally, a map of the region is shown so the user can see where they are relative to other cities. Whenever the vehicle is within say 1 mile of a turn, the map zooms in to a scale that shows the local turn detail. If another turn does not occur for over 1 mile, the system would zoom out again.


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                        Amazing!! I'm getting really excited about this. I've been using mappoing with a program called AGPS that does voice guidance. Will I still be able to use it?



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                          Instead of using Mappoint I would use copilot and have a screen overlay to mask the original copilot program with a new interface, is tere a SDK for copilot? You already have some code written to interface between copilot with the whole control mediaengine when running copilot, you should go from there.
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                            Well the copilot screen overlay might make its way into 2.0 also. The thought was to make a GPS option that is affordable and usable by everyone. Copilot does not fufill this requirement because it is not affordable, does not have a European version, and doesn't work with many GPS receivers.


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                              So there will be an option for the overlay for sure then? Thats great for us copilot users. Will this be skinable as well?
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