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GPS Beta part 2

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  • GPS Beta part 2

    here is the latest build

    its version .6beta.

    This version you can set an endpoint. It can be like
    Albany, NY
    5 River Rd, Albany, NY, 12222

    just make sure you comma seperate. Also the route will just outline the route like mappoint, I have found a way to do turn by turn but mappoint sets the object in the middle of the road and not the intersection.. so I don't think ME with mappoint can support turn by turn.

    Also I moved around some icons for more space.
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    Try this

    Hi ,
    I did have the same problem .I guess you are trying to use the DistanceTo method of the current Location to the location object of the next direction or present direction object . Rather try DistanceTo from the Next Direction Object to your currenct location this will give the distance from the start of the next direction to the current Location.

    something like

    1) CurrentPosition is the pushpin of your current location
    2) Dir2 is next direction from the current location.

    if you do this you will get the distance from the start of the next direction which is also the end of the current direction .

    Incase you need any other help feel free to mail me at
    "sgkini at onlinehome dot de" . I am presently working on using mappoint from VC++ for my incar navigation system

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      beta .7

      im in the uk, this beta puts me in the norh sea. heh.


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        have you broken my baby hijinks?
        used to work
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