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VOTE for parallel port relay control in ME

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  • VOTE for parallel port relay control in ME

    Hello friends,

    I was wondering if the creator of Media Engine can put the parallel or serial port relay controller in Media engine. (Like the wizradpc software)

    All you have to say is "I VOTE" or "I DONT"

    Well the result will encourage the creator for this i hope

    "I VOTE"


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    I don't

    How many people would actually use it ? Not many.

    You could always run it as an external app from ME.
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      I Don't

      I agree with frodobaggins.
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        Wa, Wa ,Waa, Waaaaaaa

        I vote no
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          Although thats a really good idea but I vote no as well. Very very few people are using relay boards with their PC let along parallel. There are alot more serial relay control modules than parallel.
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            Just build one and it works great. Want to us it for the lights(under the car and inside).
            So i vote yes
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              I vote yes also,, I could use that for all kinds of cool things,,
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                I would like to use one as well - A/C, Heat Controls, Windows, Door Locks, Mirrors, Sunroof, etc. However, I know many people use serial now so maybe that would be better.

                OTOH the external app feature is ok and may serve this purpose. I would like it in ME because then it would fit in with the skin. Of course I don't think that this should be a priority 1 project... more of a nice extra down the road.
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                  I say yes also, I'm trying to get rid of most of my switches and this would be great, going through the trouble of clicking to an external app just to control say your windows would kinda defeat the purpose of the whole thing cuz it would be easier to just push the switch in the car. Also, in V2 will you be able to play music while using an external app?
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                    I vote yes..
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                      I vote yes.

                      People are saying that most people don't use relay boards. To those people I ask, "Why aren't you?"

                      They are easy, cheap, and super COOL!


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                        Why wasn't this posted as a survey?


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                          YES and triple YEs.
                          Will work well with a motorized keyboard tray
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                            I vote No
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                              That would be yes - how ever I tend to aggree the majority of people wont use it.

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