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Getting my desktop back?

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  • Getting my desktop back?

    I was trying Media Engine on my TV computer running XP pro and it installed fine and was running ok.

    Now after I restarted the PC Media Engine loads on startup before the desktop can, so if I quite Media Engine all I get is a blank screen with no desktop no start bar and no icons.

    There is probably an easy way of getting it back but I had a tinker yesterday and couldn’t find it.

    Do I have to boot in safe mod and uninstall it from there?

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    yes, you made ME your default shell. click on the clock and go to the setup and then take ME off your default shell
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      Arrrr thats how

      Thanks for that


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        Since you're on XP

        And if you want to keep it your default shell and run explorer just when you need it then

        press CTRL-ALT-DEL
        open task manager
        choose file-->run
        type explorer.exe
        choose ok
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