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  • --Remote Control-- IR

    Ok, I am slowly getting my hands around this "REALLY COOL" car/pc project.

    I noticed that media engine only supports com port IR interfaces.
    I plan on using a mini-itx board for my project.
    PS: My project is one for vehicle and home...

    The mini-itx board has a SIR and CIR connector.
    Would I be able to use either of those for a remote control solution?

    Also, will the remote control setup that is offered by phillips for XP Media Center edition work with media engine?
    I guess I am looking for a really nice looking remote control that will work with media engine.

    Has anyone ever used the X10 Mouse Remote?
    I see that it works with Girder.
    It seems pretty cool since it has mouse functions built into it.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Any help?


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      Sorry for not responding quicker. I am using the m9000 and I have found that by using the IRMan controller, you can get the coolest remote that you want... You can go buy a $600 touchscreen remote from your local Home Theater store and use it with IRman... Since IrMan does not have a limit on the number of different "button inputs" it can receive.

      As for your SIR and CIR connections, I have never really looked into it. (But we are going to be doing on-screen CPU temperature based off WMI which will work with the mini-itx boards if thats any consolidation for not doing SIR / CIR right away

      BTW: I think you can use winXP to control the mouse with the keyboard, and if that is the fact, we may be able to write a routine in for that, but its kinda odd to do that since we made sure that Touchscreen (mouse) / IR / Keyboard were all supported fully.
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        So, with IRMan you can use any remote and program it with Girder? Sorry if that is a stupid question but I am still learning.

        Onboard Environment conditions would be cool.
        Would you be able to pipe that to an small LCD? Just curious...

        My wife lets me experiment with stuff as much as I want as long as it doesnt cost a bunch of money. I am the same way. :-)

        So, I am doing as much work and research into things before I decide to go down a path of purchasing.
        Once you get married and have kids you dont have the "blow away funds" as when your single. ;-(

        That is the reason that I am looking at media engine for both home and vehicle. I have also tried to get media center up and going but that is a BIG headache so I am diverting my attention to MediaEngine.

        Thanks for the help.