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  • ME newbie

    Just downloaded the software and have been playing around trying to get a feel for it. i have a couple of q's though.

    How do i get it to play all my music on radom? my music is arranged in folders by artist and can only get one artist to play a t a time.

    Why do i keep getting this errror every time i try to load a new skin (that i have downloaded from the m.e website?

    see attatched
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    Skotbites.... update your exe - see the stick at the top of the forum... CC - I think a FAQ sticky may also be useful for these sort of questions for newbies etc...

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      hey skotbites u doing the in car pc thang aswell mate? spk to u on MSN


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        if he just downloaded it, why should he have to update his exe ? Do you mean to tell me that it's been this damn long and the new exe isn't built in to the download ?

        My god.
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          Cheers guys

          nitrogenics tried u n msn but u were busy will chat later