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  • iDrive skin

    This the skin I'm currently working on, please comment.


    Media Browser

    Play MP3

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    Well, I think I will warn you that there is no GPS on the main menu... I guess I am warning everyone about this.. Go to and check out the new skin. What you see on the main menu will be available from there.

    Other than that, I think its a great skin... Quite a change from the norm. Its nice to see an "OS" based skin. Now someone do a KDE skin.
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      Yuk... Macs ( Just kidding )

      My only thought is how this would look at night.... a less bright alternitive for them would also be a good idea.

      Love the LCD pannel but though.

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        Thanks Carcomp.

        Just one question; Will ME 2.0 have the option for different fonts?

        i.e. One font for the Playlist and another for the "Now Playing"


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          Originally posted by CarComp
          Now someone do a KDE skin.

          Don't tempt me... I have enough **** to do already
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          It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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              Ooh more aqua buttons, I like your skin.

              Just curious about the play buttons on the main screen. Is that possible on ME 2.0?
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                Are those play buttons or do they shift through available programs?

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                  Thanks ccsnet, PTCruiser, Mitokondria

                  This skin is intended to be for 2.0, I don't know if ME has the ability to put buttons on the Main screen, it would be cool because sometimes you just want to hear music and change songs and not stare at the screen.

                  (For touchscreen users)