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Workng with 800x480 resolution and ME

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  • Workng with 800x480 resolution and ME

    Hi All

    Question about working with a xenarc screen. I am trying to get media engine to work with this screen but it seems to always display skins in 800x600 resolution which means that the bottom of the screen is cut off. I have edited one of the skins to move everything up and resized the buttons but this mean now that I still get the poer button being the wrong size (but I can change the jpeg manually) and the clock bar is not visable. Most importnantly I cant seem to change any playlist pages etc in the skin maker which means it a bit unusable.

    anybody got around this problem?

    thanks in advance

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    you'll have to wait till 2.0.. its coming shortly
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      gimee, gimee, gimee!
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        I'll have to write my own version of this then until version 2.0 comes out. The only thing is I cant seem to find a way to code full screen apps in java ah well.