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GRRRRrrrr...ME177 on XP

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  • GRRRRrrrr...ME177 on XP

    hy to all ...
    some one can help me ? my me177f works perfect on a my omnibook 6000 with windows2000 ...
    now i have configured a mini-itx with a os windows xp pro ....all application works perfect ,GPS software works better than on a 2000 system ...but mediaengine dosn't work
    first time when i launch the application (me177) , configuring path .. press done ...and application crash !! ,
    I have updated the exe at the last version and the application dos't crash ..but i can't see the skin buttons ..Grrrrr.... (log file tell's overflow error ) . i Try to reinsert buttons with the skin maker this work around works ...but when i launch an external application (my GPS software ) Crashhhhh ,,,Grrrrrrrrr!!! .. i try to upload all skins files ... but the overflow problem is always here -

    help me please

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    oh great

    i have installed 100 mb of patches from microsoft.
    and nothing was else ...
    but the solution is in my control panel ...Regional settings in 'US'....
    and the problem is gone.

    Localize it !!!!


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      sweet you got it fixed. And welcome aboard!!
      What im curently listening to.
      My complete carpc setup