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  • graphic quality

    I have the Vauxhall skin and when I run ME it gives a poor quality picture, the lines around the objects are jaggered and not smoothed.

    If I go into the skins directory and view the actual background graphic the quality is A1.

    Is it something to do with the resizing? I have tried all the available resolutions and it makes no difference.

    Also is there any instructions for ME.. i've done a search in this forum but haven't really found any. Just wondering what excatly all the buttons do.

    Cheers for any help!
    Volvo C70 - Installation in progress *gulp*

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    Thats because you are running a different resolution than the one that the skin was designed for. Try 800x600 or 1024x768. That might help
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      tried that... was thinking there was an option somewhere.

      Is there any help files for ME?

      Just wondering what some of the buttons do... can u get the visulisation up without a keyboard etc etc

      cheers for ya help
      Volvo C70 - Installation in progress *gulp*


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        Here is a little library I have used before in VB to do image manipulations... It's really fast and has some features like bicubic scaling since the current ME doesnt do it... I dont know if the new one will either..

        Anyway, it also has some gamma adjustment functions so that one skin might easily be used for day/night just by adjusting the image gamma when drawing the skin elements. It's a very nice little free lib..
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