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controlling ME through Palm

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  • controlling ME through Palm

    Okay, I have tried PalmAMP and PalmORB and whatnot but none of these programs are working for me so I have decided to write my own. The thing is I really like ME and want it running while I control it from the palm and im not sure if I should interface the Palm with ME or with Winamp (ME uses winamp in the background correct?). I have some programming experiance with C++ and this year am learning some Java but I have a book on PalmOS now to attempt this project. I have never done programming where I communicate with 2 machines but it should be a good learning experiance. The functions I would like are your basic play pause stop and mainly something similar to the way winamp loads songs either by directory or by selecting. This way I could load up whatever songs I want on the palm and the song list in ME would change. Any suggestions for this as far as resources links etc and especially software in which to program the palmOS stuff would be greatly appreciated. I use JBuilder for java abnd emacs for C++ but no clue about palm.

    I am using a Palm IIIc interfacing on the COM port.

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    If you are interfacing on a com port might wanna try emulating an ir remote/reciever combo,

    ie, make Media engine think you are an ir remote
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      Java & communicating with Serial Port

      ofthedove, why not have a look at the here. Especially the Java communications package mentioned at the top of that page. It enables you to interact with the parallel and serial port using Java.


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        good idea frodo ill give it a shot. is there any source for ME available for me to work from? Ill check that other stuff out when I get home,
        thanks guys


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          yes the source for 177 is on the website. Just click on the download links
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