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480x576 2/3D1 videos dont fit correct in wmp!!

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  • 480x576 2/3D1 videos dont fit correct in wmp!!

    has anybody a solution to fix windows mediaplayer in mediaengine when you have a for example 480x576 2/3D1 Pal =SVCD Standart! Video to fit in fullscreen? in winamp/powerdvd/anything else its in correct size! only in wmp9.0
    it looks realy slim left and right. is there no hack or patch to fit to screen or something like in winamp?
    i`m shure most people havent made the videos spezial for mediaengine!
    they use what they have already. only **** wmp is too stupid to check its half pictures!
    my musikvideos are streamed and captured from dvb-receiver, like they are transmitted. to re-encode to mpeg again only to resize is stupid and qualityloss!
    any idea?

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    nobody is watching wideos with mediaengine? or you all have 640x480 videos? nobody has "small" picture in this "BIG" 7" screen? in this screensize you need everything the tft can show, or?


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      Most people don't run svcd standard videos with fubky properties apparently.
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        yes, but you never have a movie in exact the ratio to fit the hole screen!! i need any tip how to "fit to screen" like winamp is doing. is there no trick for windows media player mediaengine is using? please help me!


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          enzo - what version of winamp are you using - if 2.X -> which plugin?


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            winamp 2.91- no plugins! why? for watching videos mediaengine is windows mediaplayer 9.0 using. when watching a video in winamp i doubleclick on movie and i have it fullscreen! no black borders/bars!
            i added two jpegs to see the difference in filling the screen!
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