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    I just downloaded 2.0 after being a user of 1.7 for quite a while. I have now built a system for my car in addition to the one in my living room and both are running mediaengine 2.0. I just wanna tell you guys that you have done a very nice job and released a very professional product.

    One thing I wanted to ask about since you are obviously much better at visual basic than I am is the incorporation of a USB video camera into mediaengine. I would just like the ability to have a USB camera (logitech) and be able to hit a button to start and stop capture and do basic file management on the videos (play delete etc).

    Are there any plans for this feature later down the road? Or is there any other piece of cam software I could use very simply with my remote as an external app for this purpose?


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    Well after trying to find a piece of software that would fit my needs and failing I decided to write my own with visual C++. It works but still has a few minor glitches. Although not bad for a few hours of messing around. I should be able to release code and an app later today if everything goes as planned and anyone else is interested.

    -It works with any quickcam supported by the logitech SDK.
    -It takes pictures and records videos.
    -It uses the same keys as media engine. (arrows and enter)
    -It dynamically adjusts itself to the screen resolution.

    Very simple but I couldn't find anything else. Let me know if anyone is interested. Also, I have no place to host it so I was wondering if CarComp could put it up here for download.


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      Mail it to me and i shall put it up on my site ... !
      and link it here...



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        Car: 2000 Toyota Celica GT-S
        Mods: Yep
        Carputer: VIA M9000 | Opus 150 | 512MB PC2100 | 60GB Notebook HD | Slim/Slot DVD/CDRW | Audigy2NX | Xenarc 700TSV | (2) DSCustoms DS700HRS (in trunk) | SMC USB 802.11b | CoPilot | DLink FM tuner | Cliffnet


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          would be interested in something like this as I have a quickcam that I could use in my car.
          CarPC: Currently in progress...


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            Update. I implemented a button that allows you to cycle between any logitech quickcams hooked to the system so you can record from an of them but not at the same time. This is a limitation of USB cams and not of the software.

            I have a few little glitches I need to take out of the system relating to file saving. Right now files are time/date stamped and placed in a directory that is specified in a config file. For some reason it's not saving them to the right place. Also my left/right keys are cycling through the buttons in the wrong order but my tab order is correct so TAB works but the left/right go in the wrong order. I am guessing that this is related to the Z order of the objects. This is my first MFC app so I'm still learning all the terminology.

            Anyway I am going to go fiddle. Should be done by the end of the night.


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              Ok. I just uploaded the binary and source files to Mastero. Hopefully he will get them up here soon.

              Please read the SimpleVideo_Readme.txt for info on setup, etc...

              Please let me what you think but keep in mind this is intended to be very basic by design.


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                GET IT HERE


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                  there is no .exe


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                    Originally posted by Mastero
                    there is no .exe
                    Hotmail removed the .exe so you wouldn't get a virus. Isn't it so thoughtful?


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                      try it again


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                        let me know if the upload is fine


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                          Originally posted by Mastero
                          let me know if the upload is fine
                          Works great! Thanks again!


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                            ne time ciya


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                              Car Computer Project Page

                              And a screenshot and some other pics.

                              As I said, very basic.