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Media Engine Standby instead of Shutdown? (Notebook)

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  • Media Engine Standby instead of Shutdown? (Notebook)

    Newb here. Finally dove in thanks to Lilliput. Got it up and running on my Compaq Evo. I set up my display properties to default to the Lilliput screen, so I can keep the notebook closed. If I put it in standby, I can bring it back by simply turning on the screen and touching it. Now, is there any way to recode or write a macro for the Media Engine shutdown button to put this notebook in standby (or hibernate) instead? How much current will it draw on standby? Would hibernate be better?

    If I used hibernate and Frodo's shutdown software, how would I power up? I seem to remember reading about software that detected power (ignition on) and booted a laptop, but I searched and now I can't find anything on it.


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    if your laptop has a serial port and "wake on ring" capability you can use that to wake it up. I will not descibe it here but it can be found with the search.
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