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When will ME support plug-in???

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  • When will ME support plug-in???

    Mastero wrote an A/C and/or relay board controller.
    Other people are integrating various GPS application.
    I have a modified version of ME 1.7.7 to support Hauppauge WinTV and Radio (90% done...) with some other changes:
    - look and feel like ME 2.
    - mute button also for touchscreen
    - 16:9 support.
    - all the confused's add-on (thanks a lot!!!)

    I'm also going to write a relayboard and A/D converter SW for ME.

    Now ME2 is out, I'm not loosing a lot of feature 'cause all the new one are useless to me, but all my work seems wasted... Also I cannot give my code to people that want WinTV support.

    Why don't you wrote some kind of support for plug-in in ME?

    I mean build a common interface that sends standard windows messages to a plug-in. So we can have support for all the radio/TV/GPS/Relay board's plug-in people want to write.
    All thoose apps can have the same interface (graphic) but work with different HW/SW.

    Just my 0,02$.

    BTW, if you need some help on coding in VB I'm here. Thanks a lot for all the work you have done till now. Great guys!!!
    Ermanno vbi

    TM701L with TouchScreen, Epia M10k, 80Gb 3,5" Hdd, DC-DC PS.
    System up and running with GPS and Bluetooth...
    Writing software for a Parallel port relay controller.

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    This sounds like a brilliant idea

    I'd be willing to test out any plugins etc for this I have a spare computer which is running ME hooked up to the TV downstairs for videos/music, and I can use that for testing

    So, count me in as #1 tester


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      Yes I agree....

      I would add support for OBDII interface, so you can display your speed vehicle, warning messages and much more...

      Since this inteface is not cheap I have to be sure that it's usable.
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        can you relese the source to ME 1.7.7 support Hauppauge WinTV and Radio

        please please


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          Here a rough idea, how an implementation for a plugin API could be - just did this in about half an hour, but this should be easy to implement in ME, hope the devs catch this up (is this right in english language?)

          Just 3kB of source, should be easy to understand:


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            Fireball, I am going to look at the code tomarrow, but I am interested in what you have to offer about plugins.. I am totally in the dark on how to implement them. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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              I would be pleased if I can contribute in any way


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                Plugins or modules would be great. Because then you could choose which GPS package you are using, rather than having to code support for all the major ones in, and have the user choose his or hers in the options.
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