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  • Quicktime

    Hello, is there anybody who knows how to play quicktime movies (Movie trailers)with ME2?

    And is there anybody out there who has a solution for the crappy video quality that WMP9 produces IT SUCKS BIG TIME.

    And I would like to use PowerDVD for playing my DVD's because the quality is so much better, speed is better and it uses less rescources.
    When using WMP9 for DVD playback I get crappy imaging, crappy speed and a CPU usage of 88%

    When I use PowerDVD image quality is much better, speed is great and CPU usage is brought back to about 65%.

    When I start PowerDVD as an external application it crashes.
    I use PowerDVD 4 (XP).

    Do I need to say more!?

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    Make sure you have WMP9 Standalone configured properly if you have problems with video playback.

    As far as PowerDVD, I believe you could just set it up as an external application.
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      Another one, is it possible to let ME2 generate a playlist that contains all the mp3 files I have placed in the My music folder.

      The folder listing can look like this.

      My Music- ABBA
      - Bon Jovy
      - Eminem
      And so on.

      Wat I want is selecting the My Music folder and let ME search all the subdirectories and place all the mp3's in a playlist.