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  • finished skin

    my first one, buttons are dark red and light up a brighter red when selected, mp3 button is on in pic. i think next i'm going to start workin' on a winamp 3 skin, like it a little better as a media program plus i think having the cross fader between songs would be sweet to have when cruisin'. comments and suggestions welcome.

    also where are some of you others getting icons for buttons? ive seen some pretty cool ones i just built up on the webdings font, but i didnt want too many colors in icons anyway, tryin to stick with a monochromatic scheme to match my cars interior. peace
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    It looks very nice, keep up the good work!


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      What program is is for though?


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        youre browsing the media engine sub forum, make a wild guess................
        time for the sig:

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          Nice Skin! Wanna share that with me? =) It matches my interior too hehe...
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            dude thats great - perfectly matches the Audi interior red lighting
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              not too dark is it? a lot of times stuff on my labtop screen looks a lot lighter than it will on other screens


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                yay now I can slow down on making my custom Audi skin! where can i get it?

                can you email it to me?

                jeff at nickelmedia dot com


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                  you can post it to so everyone can use it
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