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  • Update on MediaEngine status...

    Hey guys, just thought I would post a message letting you know the current status of the MediaEngine project. I want to thank everyone again for being so helpful with the application, and the forum.. Without you we would be overwhelmed.

    As for the issue of time between releases... We have really started ramping up quality control. It takes a lot of testing and recoding to get this app to work perfectly and we want to make sure that all of the MediaEngine users are happy.

    We have some great suprises for all of you... Some features you have asked for, and others that the M.E dev team have come up with. Lots of enhancements for the touchscreen users!
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    Can you share with us some of the features that we can be looking forward to. It may help me in designing my system and to know what all to aquire.

    Much appreciated.

    Cheers mate.