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    Hi all i fdont know if any of you have used ashley montanas Bemused mp3 software for the Nokia 7650, or any symbian OS 60 device come to think of it, other platforms are uiq which the Sony Erricosn P800 + P900 use. the software is the greatest thing since sliced bread, it can handle large playlist and can tranmitt via bluetooth the name of the song u select from the databased stored locally on the phone and then wallah winamp then plays it, naturally all the controls are there for shuffle, random, vol up / vol down, shutdown, next, prev, play, stop, pause, shall i go on? i realise ME2.0 no longer uses winamp as the player it uses WMPnow , y???. but how many keen coders out there wanna make a remote control for ME based on this Bemused Program... source is freely avliable, it could control all of ME not just the Mp3 playback. how cool would that be.... a nokia 7650 or p900 fone with colour lcd all running ME with now wires!! very very cool!!! Symbian have a SDK for both the UIQ + OS 60 platforms
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