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  • MediaEngine 2.0.50

    Hey guys I had the honor of testing 2.0.50 and I must say Im very impressed, I can honestly say that MediaEngine is almost totally complete in my own opinion to be a full featured application for the car. I have been using both Mediacar and MediaEngine and Im going to have to say this new MediaEngine wins hands down. I have 40+ gigs of mp3`s on my hard drive and its nice to be able to do a quick search for a favorite song that only God knows where its at, also once I find that song being able to add it to a favorites list. Scanning radio stations and adding them to my radio list with a click of a button. Right now, I cant think of anything else this software really needs, Its my understanding that GPS is being worked into this app right now, or the option to run a external app and keep it in the background ie...Destination, or Copilot, and being able to switch between playin the mp3 and going back to the external app, also the quick gamma control is a nice feature, Well I have a busy day re-installing my new MediaEngine in my car, all I can say is Good Job in this version CarComp and Phat_B Keep up the good work!!