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  • dlink radio playlist

    is it possible to have the channels displayed in the playlist on the radio option ?
    can listen only to one channel now, which i manually set.

    cant figure this one out.

    thx for your help.
    time for the sig:

    '00 VW golf TDI upped to 130 HP - 18" RS 6 wheels - liliput 7" tft in indash housing - epia 10K - SB audigy - caliber 1 fahrad CAP - RF punch amp - hollywood 1.6K mono amp - boston acoustics pro - RF 10" DVD sub

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    This had me going for a while as well - but for a different reason (more later).
    OK, go into the FM option of ME2 and you'll get whatever default freq you set in the .ini file, tune to the station you want with the forward/reverse buttons, now click on the menu button (interlocked box's) that gives you the bar that appears above the normal one, the far right button is the 'save' or 'add' button and is marked as a 'tick'. Once you've added a station, a presets.lst file is created in the ME 2 folder that can be edited from the MP3 play-list option or via notepad.

    Note: If you (like me) used Mitokondria's Interface 2 skin, the 'tick' button is missing from the skin, but if you click in the space it works.