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    I am really interested in using this in my car but until then I have been playing around on my home computer.

    1. I thought it would be nice to have a more extensive shuffle. One that would shuffle through all your files including all listed folders within the media directory and also the entire cd. I have a portable mp3 cd player and the ability to select shuffle within folder or shuffle whole cd is really sweet. ID3 tags are never 100% on the right genre and editing them is more time consuming then anything else.

    2. An ability to delete playlists within the software. This could be included when you’re browsing files. Once you click a playlist, underneath edit playlist make delete playlist.

    3. A skip button on screen would be cool instead of having to press it on a keyboard. Maybe make it so you can double click the FF/RW button and it skips/rewinds to the next track.

    4. You guys seem to be trying to include the GPS within the program so you can still listen to music and use the navigation, very nice. Having the volume dim some when the voice command comes across would be a great feature.

    Thank you for reading,