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  • Two Idea for New Version

    I'm not sure if its too late to add a few more opinions before you release the new version, but whenever I'm watching a video in fullscreen mode, and I tap the video once to bring up the bar on the bottom, it lacks volume control. I have to double tap the video and make it smaller so I get the full control panel in order to control the volume. It would be more convient to control it from the single tap bar you get on the bottom. Just my opinion.

    Also, when I'm in the web module. There is no volume control there, or pause, or anything. Which is bad for when I have my volume pretty loud and I get a phone call, or someone is trying to say something to me in the car, because I have to close the web module to lower anything or pause anything, and then I have to start the web module all over again and I loose track of where I was.

    So those are my two opinions. Other than that, everything is look excellent for the new version. I cant wait
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    top idea = good. i never use the browser, so im nutrel, but top one..i like
    Im a pilot.

    I have become a cross control stall.