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multiple skins based on time

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  • multiple skins based on time

    Well we all know Red is hard at work on the new MI version ..
    Does anyone out there use multiple a skin for daytime and a skin for night time? if so did you automate it.. IF you did what method did you use.
    i use hibernate with gammacontrol 2.14. GC can launch
    a file at day time and at night time.So this is how i use multiple skins.

    I made two batch files that will change the config.ini (in my case line10 column#j skinpath=)

    to skinpath=default for my daytime skin
    and skinpath=navy for my nightime skin..

    i then added it to an autoit script. and used the 2.exes in gamma control

    anyone else have anyother ideas let me know.

    the exe consists of
    ProcessClose( "mi.exe" )
    Run("C:\Program Files\Mobile Impact\night.bat") or day.bat
    Run("C:\Program Files\Mobile Impact\mi.exe")

    the bat file is

    @echo off > night
    set /a skintype=0
    for /f "tokens=*" %%J in (config.ini) do call :subr1 %%J
    copy night config.ini > nul
    del night
    goto :eof

    set /a skintype+=1
    if %skintype% EQU 10 echo SKINPATH=Navy >> night
    if not %skintype% EQU 10 echo %* >> night
    goto :eof

    im not the greatest coder this is very basic.
    the equ 10 is line 10 and the %%j is right after the equal sign in skinpath= in the config.ini

    make sure if you use this you count the lines in your config ini

    Red love the program now i need to get my phoco license..
    and figure out why my home pc asf files are searchable but carpc isnt.
    KIAs can have car pcs too..

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    Fantastic idea! I have been tossing around changing day and night skins within the program, but I have a huge problem with changing the skins on the fly. It requires some of the modules to be unloaded in some cases. While I wait for a USB FM radio to get shipped to me, I will work on this. Thanks!
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      is there any updates on this? Or at least a way to dim the skin at night.