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Two questions!

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  • Two questions!

    Gratz on such an amazing fe!

    I started designing my own skin, but there's so many pages! lol

    Anyway, how do i plug a camera in? Does it need to be usb? Can i have two cameras?


    I've noticed the skins on the site, has anyone else made ones?


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    Hi tom. The camera module in MI use is mainly used a webcam feature. so yes use a usb camera. if you mean two cameras at once ? No I dont think so. not unless you have some software to change between the two.
    Alot of people have made skins for it.
    Some remove the background entirely others just change the colors. Checkout the showoff my rides and some of the other threads.
    KIAs can have car pcs too..


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      Actually you can have more than one camera. When you click on the options button a windows dialog will show and there should be a drop down list of the cameras you can use if there are multiples. If there is only a single camera then the single camera will be the only one in the list. You can also change resolutions and stuff like that too.
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