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    so i love the feature of how it shows the track title and whatnot at the beginning of a song, is there a viz out there that will display that info upon fullscreen/restore of the visualization? Many times i've been driving and wanted to remember what the song title is and have always wanted this feature.

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    Yes, there is a very highly recommended one called G-Force. here is their website.
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      I was going to also recommend Media Player 10 - Energy Bliss since i know it displays a lot of info about the track, including album art, but after trying it, i found the information does not display consistently when running within MI.

      Basically what happens is this: I go to audio and play a song (MI is set for ViZ only), Energy Bliss come up in the small window showing the info for the track included the album art (embedded in the ID tag). I click the small window (to go full screen with controls on the bottom) but the track info disappears ?? From there I let MI go full/full screen but still no info. When i click on the full/full screen, it goes back to full w/controls and the track info reappears (remember it wasn't there before). Now when i click again, it goes back to the small window but the track info disappears again (remember it was there when i first started). Weird!

      This could be a very good Viz to run if it worked correctly..
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        i've used gforce in the past it's a bit intense for my onboard graphics adapter, but does it address the specific task of displaying track info at all times?


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          If you are using milkdrop, you can set it to display the track title every __ seconds.
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            Originally posted by Arrow View Post
            If you are using milkdrop, you can set it to display the track title every __ seconds.
            yeah i'm only seeing milkdrop for winamp, not media player